Fireplaces and Feng Shui

Fireplaces inspire me.  There are so many new and exciting designs on the market.  Fire is a very important element in the philosophy of Feng Shui.  It provides the mind, body and soul with a sense of warmth.  It also relates to the Bagua, in specific to the FAME Gua and the color associated with this Gua is RED.

Fireplaces and Feng Shui | New York Interior Design

Deep Red Built in Bookshelves Flank this Cozy Fireplace

We designed a Master Bedroom for a client using a bold color for an accent wall to draw your eye to the focal wall of the fireplace.  To see more images of our bedroom designs, go to our website and click on the bedrooms tab of our portfolio.

Fireplaces and Feng Shui | New York Interior Design

A Bold Turquoise Wall Surrounds an Inviting Fireplace


Below is a stunning tribute to traditional design.  While the exterior of this fireplace is traditional, with a custom carved mantel, the inner mechanics of this fireplace are contemporary.  This fireplace is fired by gas and is see-through–allowing the homeowners to view the fire from both the family room and kitchen sitting area.

Fireplaces and Feng Shui | New York Interior Design

This Family Room Fireplace Warms the Space Literally and Visually


There are also many modern techniques for implementing the Fire element  in your space.  See the Focus fireplace below designed by Dominique Imbert.  This Asian inspired dining room is beautifully accented by the bookshelf/fireplace combination.  This unique design is most definitely a conversation piece.  Although it is not listed, one can assume that this fireplace uses ethanol because ethanol heats the air really well, but will not leave the immediate surroundings extremely hot.  The fuel can be replaced within the cavity of the shelf.  Each refill will last you 7 to 20 hours of fire and warmth.

Fireplaces and Feng Shui | New York Interior Design
Focus Fireplace by Dominique Imbert

Also see the image below for another modern approach to adding the fire element to your space.  This fireplace design by Antonio Lupi is a sleek and modern approach to your typical fireplace.  The smooth stone next to the patterned look of firewood give a nice juxtaposition of texture.  Using the firewood as a design element is always a fun and interesting way to add interest to your fireplace space.

Fireplaces and Feng Shui | New York Interior Design

Antonio Lupi's Skema Fireplace


Although this fireplace is very contemporary in its design, it is traditional in its function.  This particular fireplace is fueled strictly by firewood.

Whether your taste leans toward the traditional or modern aesthetic, I do hope that the images above will inspire you to think about adding or updating the element of FIRE in your home and energizing your CHI while you are at it!!

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Fireplaces and Feng Shui | New York Interior Design


  1. The fireplace the dark red bookshelves is my favorite. Simply but beautiful in its simplicity. Also love the stone fireplace with the traditional mantel.

    1. I love this one as well. I painted the back of the shelves to bring more color into the space.


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